The Pants Incident



I gave up this morning.

Face down on the steering wheel and driven by pure exhaustion, I thought, well I gave it a good run. For the good of the kids I was ready to turn in my resignation before they fired me.

I have been verbally warned several times already, but today at breakfast I thought I had nailed my coffin.

It was the pants incident, and it went like this.

“Connor, please hurry up because as soon as you are done, we have to go.”

I had that tone; it was the annoyed mother tone.

“Mom, we can’t go yet because…”

And I jumped in, mad before I even had a good reason to be.

“Connor! We are going to be late! I told you to have everything ready!”

The kid jumped out from behind his cereal to reveal his Spiderman boxers and stood next to the table with his hands up.

“PANTS Mom! I need pants!”

I stood there as a freight train full of guilt made its impact. I forgot to get his pants out of the dryer after i told him not to get them himself because I didn’t want him in the laundry room.

So I grabbed a spoonful of humility, apologized and got the kid some pants. He was sure to let me know the knees were still slightly damp.

Meanwhile I lost the five year old who was also without pants, but he didn’t want any. He was discovered under the table with a piece of toast.

“I don’t think Becky (his babysitter) said I need pants today.”

That was a whole other incident.

So finally, after a stressful drop off and two return trips to his school due to forgotten items, I sat in the school parking lot and thought that someone else must be better suited for this job.

Then my boss chimed in.

God gently reminded me that He gave me this job and He expects me to step up to the plate even though I sometimes strike out.

I thought about the way their faces light up when they see me. That’s the thing with kids, they really don’t expect or want a perfect mommy, they want the one who loves them–the one God gave them.

And sometimes they just want pants.


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