Tackling Fear: The Spider Selfie


Fear has always been a barrier in my life.

I am here to say that I am just flat out tired of being scared.

This revolution started last summer.

I have always been too afraid to drive in St. Louis traffic, but last summer I forced myself to drive to Kentucky to visit my brother and his family–which requires me to go right through St. Louis.

My husband couldn’t get off work, but I decided that seeing his house was more important than my fear of heavy traffic. So I loaded up the kids and drove about five hours to my big brother’s house.

Amazing what is a small task to many is such a big thing to others.

I was so proud when we sat in traffic so close to Busch stadium we could almost see right in.

I did that! I got us there!

Well, I know it was God.

It felt so good to finally give God control; I honestly don’t believe he wants us to live in fear.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.–2 Timothy 1:7

So I am taking fear by the horns.

One selfie at a time.

I plan stick my smiling face right in the middle of everything that terrifies me just to prove (mostly to myself) that fear does not control me. I am going to take selfies of all the things I am afraid of over the coarse of the summer.

Certainly I believe that we should use the brains God gave us–I fear some things for a reason.

I won’t take a The House is on Fire selfie–go ahead with the cooking jokes I know you’re thinking it.

There will be no Jumping off a Bridge selfie either–not even with a bungee cord. Although in some way I will be addressing my fear of heights.

I am starting small, though.

I am starting with a spider.

Really, I don’t even understand what I find so frightening about spiders. They are pretty creepy with all their legs and eyes, but then again I figure I must look pretty weird to them walking around all two-legged and stuff.

Plus, the fact that they have eight eyes should really scare the spider more than it scares me–especially the one that hangs out in my shower sometimes.

Just sayin’

Nevertheless, I have feared them my whole life and I plan to get over it.  So I have been searching for a friendly spider to pose with…so far it hasn’t been too successful because the only one I found so far ran off too quick to grab and get a selfie with–I did get a pic of it hightailing it around the corner though.

spider selfie

Send me pics of your own fear tackling selfies and join in my efforts.  Meanwhile I will be working on a list of my own and posting those to you as I get them.

I will get a selfie with a spider if it kills me.

And then if it does I guess my spider fears were totally legit.



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