For the Discouraged


I want to sit down and write this masterpiece that you just won’t stop reading.

To captivate you…to inspire you…I want to provide those life changing words that you will always remember.

“I thought I couldn’t last another day but then that blogger changed my whole life.”–what I want you to say.

That’s who I always want to be: the person who can make the world smile.

I want to give hope to the weary.

I want to fix the broken.

I want to calm the storms.


This is my head right now..

big head

I can’t be all those things I just mentioned up there, because of one little thing: I am just little old me.

I am the weary.  I am the broken.

My hand is too weak to calm any storm–plus I am terrified of storms and once took shelter on a beautiful sunshiny day when the street cleaner drove by and sounded a little like a tornado siren.

The kids still get freaked out when the streets start looking a little dirty.

“Is the street cleaner coming again, Mommy?”

So my point is that none of us are actually capable of fixing each other, but what we are capable of doing—and without a doubt what we are called to do–is point each other to the One who is capable.


My best source of help to any of you is to humbly agree that alone I have no answers, but that I know the right place to go.

It reminds of me of when I was a receptionist at a bank.

Can you help me figure out my statement?

I used to get that a lot.

Oh heavens no! I don’t know anything about money (they told me to quit saying that) but I sure know the guy who does!

So I would send them on to the right place and take another call.

I don’t mean necessarily that we should just send them to God and move on, I just mean that God is where we need to be sending out our calls.

He is one with the answers.

I will search His word with you.

I will pray with you. I will pray for you.

I will cry with you. I will cry out for you.

I will hurt with you and for you too.

And He hears it and He sees it, and He will answer.

This is something I mean from the bottom of my heart. If you are hurting today, and even if I don’t know you, send me a message or comment to me here. I really want to help you pray and I want to be there for you.

Most importantly, though, I want to guide you to God.  You might never reach out to me, but if you will just reach out to God, you are going to the right place.

Start on your knees in a quiet place and place everything before Him. You don’t even have to say a word because He hears your heart.

psalm 34.6

And in the meantime I will say a prayer for each and every person who reads these words.

With all my love and in Christ may you be blessed.


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