The Ants and the Leaf (and a couple of gossiping birds): God’s plan for us


the leaf

No lights are necessary on this day as the sun illuminates the room I sit in.

The birds are singing to each other, or maybe they are gossiping back and forth about that little cardinal who hangs around the grackle a lot.

I don’t speak bird.  So I don’t know.

So I just sit here in my small little English speaking world and appreciate all the wonders I can’t explain.

I love to daydream about the things I don’t know–and believe me there is endless material for that. I also love to daydream about the little things happening around me.

Just like today, it’s definitely a day for daydreams.

Tiny ants line up on my windowsill and they are on an epic journey as they crawl over the mountains of dried brown paint blobs. This historical trip into the unknown is where they search for new territory and they learn to be the ants they were always meant to be.

Momentarily it crosses my mind I might need to spray for ants.

Then out the window is a leaf blowing in the wind, it settles on the land and then starts to fly once again. It doesn’t know or care where it’s going (because it is a leaf and has no actual thought process) but it’s on a journey too.

Such a difference between the ants and the leaf.

The ants are determined as they march in unison. In a perfectly situated line, they are on a calculated path and they know exactly where they are going. However when my five year old–fascinated by their unity–stuck his little finger in the middle of their path they scattered all over the place in a panic.

The leaf just continued to flow with the wind, it landed here and there and wasn’t worried about where it was going. Somewhere in its little leaf heart it trusted the guidance of the wind.

My thoughts ultimately drift to God, and how His plan really falls in between these two extremes.  Maybe if the ants wouldn’t fully rely on their own plan, the chubby finger of a five year old wouldn’t uproot them.

Then again, the leaf was just along for the ride and waiting for the wind to move. How could there be joy without personal stakes and a determined heart?

I think God wants us to prayerfully plan our journeys just like those ants. They knew where they were going and they were on a mission to get there, and so should we be. Our walk with Him should be a confident and determined one to our final destination.

But when trouble sticks his finger in the middle of our path (and believe me that little finger is attached to trouble) we don’t have to panic because we need to trust where His mighty wind blows us.

We can trust Him even if He moves us to a totally different path. We just get right up and start again, redirect through prayer and knowing the final destination is always still the same.

So that’s the difference between the ants and the leaf.

Now, for the gossiping birds–they just need to stop that. Gossiping isn’t nice.


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