Find Humor in Struggles


I am not a liar.

I definitely am an embellisher, though.

I color the truth with funny, really it’s usually already there and I just pull it out and shine it up.

Exaggeration might be the best word for it.

It’s the difference between this:

462 times in a row

And this…


I didn’t actually count how many Reese’s I ate except that I ate the entire bag. It was in little spurts too. I quit eating them about six different times and then I would return to the kitchen for something (and sometimes that something would be Reese’s) and then spend the next five minutes eating just one over and over again.

Probably not 462 of them, though. That’s just the number I put there.

On the contrary, Redbox actually did reject me–flat out said I couldn’t have my movie.

This may or may not have been related to the 46 cent balance attached to my card at the time, but do you really need to know EVERYTHING?

To me, those are life’s little adventures, and if you can’t see the humor–or even the lesson–happiness will never result, but it doesn’t mean I also don’t see the seriousness of it too.

I was thinking that sometimes I might need to elaborate a little on that.

Maybe I should have put this:

Ate 462 Reese’s…Felt like puking all night long…my self-esteem is dwindling…my eating is totally out of control.

Redbox rejected me…I have 46 cents in my checking account…the US Cellular people called and threatened to turn off my phone…just have to hold off two days until we get paid.

Well, there’s the honesty behind those posts, and they aren’t all that funny. I think they are relatable though, because more people than we know suffer from the same things we all so often hide behind.

My humor is sometimes a glass door to the troubles in my heart, but my intention is for my readers to see behind that and know they aren’t alone in their struggles or mishaps.

Even if we battle different opponents we are all trudging through some kind of battlefield.

Some fight to lose weight while others fight to gain it.

Some fight for control while others fight to the need to control.

Some fight shyness while others fight the desire for the spotlight.

Yes I had 46 cents in my checking account that day, but some people had 46 million in theirs and had just as much to complain about, or something even worse.

Self pity can drown out your blessings if you let them, but I honestly do believe that our weakness is what strengthens us in Christ. For me, humor is meant to bridge the gap between struggle and appreciation, and in it I draw closer to God.

It is also meant to connect with you.

You might not want to eat 462 Reese’s but you can identify with my weakness because we are all weak, and maybe if I show you mine then you can start to face your own.

God reaches out to others through the struggles we are willing to share, and there are different ways to share them.

Humor isn’t always appropriate, and a social media broadcast isn’t either; sometimes it is just the person right beside you who needs to hear your story.

And sometimes you need them hear it.

As for me, I will continue to share life through silliness whenever I can but I will TRY not to exaggerate quite so much.

For now though, I gotta go, a rogue sock from the laundry pile just tried to eat the kids again.

Old habits die hard.


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