Rejection: oh the sting


I have been rejected this week in several different ways.

1. I was rejected by Redbox. My debit card apparently wasn’t good enough for that $1.35 movie. Well fine. 

2. I was rejected by these geese at the park:

3. I was rejected by my eight year old who said that playing Operation with me is boring. Then he played Operation with his friend who came over so apparently Operation is not what bores him.

Despite rejection, life is truly beautiful.

Not only do I have a loving family–even if I bore SOME members–I have a God who blesses me continually.

Neither a pocketful full of money or a dead debit card is what will bring life to my bones. Fleeing geese won’t break my stride either; It is serving Him in whatever way He asks me to serve where I find my purpose.

Though my listed rejections are meant as a joke, we do have a tendency to allow daily–and trivial–frustrations get in the way of service. So just remember to dust off those irritations and look up.  God is asking you to praise Him in the middle of the chaos and in the trenches of the day because  truly…we are blessed.

Because no matter what, it is a day the Lord has made, so let us rejoice!


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