Mom Against Mom


The hardest part of parenting for me has had nothing to do with the kids.
Moms are hard on each other. Seriously brutal.

From breast feeding (I didn’t) to bottle feeding to that solid line drawn between stay at home moms and working moms, parenting is often a battle against the exact people we should be battling with.

Here’s the thing: I have been in many positions. I stayed home full time and then attended college full time, and both are hard.  I now work both in and out of the home as a writer.

Every position I have been in has been both exhausting and rewarding.

However, each are full of questions, fears, and guilt trips. Wars break out and motherhood becomes a battlefield over personal choices and the fight to prove just who has it the hardest.

My question is why are we are always trying to prove we have it so rough?

There are several truths we need to always remember.

1) You have it harder than some but not nearly as hard as others. Within the last two months my community has been rocked by three deaths; one young girl committed suicide, another one overdosed on drugs, and one young boy died in an ATV rollover.

Life is messy and it hurts really bad sometimes without us perpetuating pain through harsh and petty judgement calls.

2) The challenges you face are meant to strengthen you and you are made to overcome them.  Even in the devastating events above, these obstacles are meant to draw us closer to God.

3) Looking into someone else’s life and pegging it as easy is small minded.  You have no idea what lies behind their closed doors.

My solution is to look up and ask God to guide us each through the lives we have been given. They will all look different because God created separate plans for us all. We will struggle and we will grow.

Hopefully the end result will always be we grow closer to God and closer to each other.


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