Five Days of Working Out (And eating brownies)


Day 1 of working out: 
The first thing she said was to put my hands on my waist, but I couldn’t find it, and by the time I did the workout was almost over. It was worth it, though, because my waist and I hadn’t seen each other for a while and I think we are planning to go have some brownies after this and catch up.

 Day 2 Of working out: 
The instructor is hilarious. Her one liners kill me, “touch your toes” and “run in place.“ I decided to get some brownies and watch the rest from the couch.


Day 3 of working out: 
 After waking up from the floor crunches, I attempted a squat and got stuck halfway down. My family was nice enough to slide a chair underneath of me and I stayed there for the rest of the afternoon eating brownies.


Day 4 of working out: 
I found a new muscle today. It is called the gluteus maximus and I fell on it while standing on one leg and extending my arms. My gluteus maximus and I are now sitting on a bag of ice, eating brownies.


Day 5 of working out: 
Today it all became clear to me. After five days of working out and today my workout clothes were too tight. Obviously, the workout instructor has a secret plot to sabotage me. I decided that I would have no part of it, and went to the kitchen to make some brownies.



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