A Selfie Legacy


Since we are always posting funny stuff about our kids on Facebook, I have been wondering what they will post about us someday.

Something like this:

Just got home from visiting mom at the home. She said that she is an adult and wants to stay up all night and eat cookies. She is so funny!  They usually sedate her at 7:30.

It also makes me wonder what my mom would have posted about me as a kid, and what it would be like to scroll through those posts now.

I think my mom’s posts would have gone something like this:

“Here is a video of Megan’s three year old dance recital. She is the one who gets stuck in the curtain there at the end. You can also see her tap shoe flying off around the middle of the song, but a nice man from the front row brought it back to us and threatened a lawsuit for his concussion. We have encouraged Megan to look into another activity, maybe one that isn’t on stage–where people can see her and know she is our child.”

I would get to know every time and every place my mom went out to eat–thanks to the check in and restaurant selfie or maybe duck lip mom in the bathroom mirror.

Who knows.

I often think about the web footprints I am leaving behind.

Is this my legacy? Will my collection of selfies and pictures of my dinner be the ancestral record to generations I never meet?

flower selfie Facebook 2035:

“Here is my Throwback Thursday. My crazy old great grandma taking a flower selfie all the way back in 2015.”

You know…that’s totally cool with me.  They can see the real great (or great great, or whatever) Grandma that they wouldn’t have otherwise known.

They will meet my friends and see their family from long ago interacting.

They will see all the food I burnt (and for some reason think hilarious to post on Facebook).

They will read all about that time I forgot my purse at the Circus too.

They will know I really loved their Grandpa.

Most importantly, they will know I really loved God.

So maybe Facebook isn’t such a bad way for them to get to know me after all.


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