Face in the Window


Dear little face in the window,

I was that kinda old lady sitting at the light with your school bus.

Dear little girl. You looked so sad.

You gazed out that window pane like you longed to be anywhere but there.


I have been there.

I was shy once and those same tears once slid down my face. Oh to fit in, you’re thinking. Just to be normal and know what it’s like to feel valued.

Just know that all those colors of yours will one day bloom, and you will realize every moment of hurt can be nurtured into greatness if you let it.

Use it wisely and it will benefit you one day. A broken heart can rebuilt by bitterness or by God; please take my advice and choose the latter.

One day it will be your turn to take on the world and I pray you will hold onto every tear, and then flood all those around you with the same tenderness of which they were cried.

Then be ready to fly!

Or maybe your eyes were just watering because of allergies and I am now just sitting here in the Walmart parking lot having a moment.

Either way.

Lots of love,

Lady at the light


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