A life uncommon


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Good morning.

I come to you bright eyed and pretty excited about life this morning.  Here is why:

1. A Savior-Jesus Christ died for my sins and I am grateful that He died for all our sins. He made me and He saved me; what a story to be part of.

2. Shelter–we all know it is a messy and unorganized one, but I have shelter.

3. Shoes-I am barefoot right now-but I got ’em if I need ’em. Some hurt, others get eaten by the dog, bottom line, I have shoes.

3. Not hungry-I might always be hungry, but I will never know the kind of hunger others live (and sadly sometimes die) with.

4. My health and my family’s-This is something I always say tentatively because it could change any second. For now, though, my family and I overall are healthy.

Is my life really uncommon?

No. My life is actually as common as they come. The thing that makes any life uncommon is the willingness to see how beautiful common really is.

This comes as a revelation to me; I began reading about third world countries and persecuted Christians last summer, and I became overwhelmed with guilt. I was placed where water runs freely from faucets, food is a supermarket away, and dreams are as accessible as one is willing to reach. Most importantly, we freely worship without fear.

Let me first say, that I am a person who has enough money in the bank to just regularly go to Redbox; believe me I am not well-off in the money department, I just have a very deep understanding that my life is a cake-walk compared to so many others.

Here is how I reconciled these feelings:

1. Take nothing for granted; appreciate what is in front of you. When it comes time to give it up–even your life–just remember hard times take nothing away from the good times that have already happened or are yet to come.  As a matter of fact, struggle deepens our appreciation for easy days.

2. Keep a loose fist and always trust God. When you are willing to let go of anything you have and trust in God’s provision, you will find peace beyond nothing else.

3. Pray for opportunities to share. God will provide opportunities to give to others–be it money, time or possessions–a readiness to share your blessings will always result in a happier life.


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