God Chose Moms


God-the author of life-made careful character choices. 

An epic tale of a fallen humanity pinnacles with a risen savior and ends in absolute triumph; softly playing in the background is the constant role of the mother. She is one carefully selected and entrusted with the most precious of His: the children.

Remember it is our Sovereign God who placed His son in the sacred womb of a mother, as Mary felt Jesus jump—possibly hiccup—and definitely wiggle and squirm. Rather than send Him through the arms of the angelic hosts, He chose a mother. Nurtured from her own milk, Jesus held the hand of Mary as He grew into the Savior of the World.  From the manger to the cross, Mary was the supporting role in the story of our salvation—she never left His side. 

Mary had something in common with us, she was human. Though raising the only perfect man to ever walk the earth, Mary had the same kind of imperfections that all mothers do.  God never expected her to be flawless in her parenting, but He chose her because He knew she trusted in Him and because she loved Him first.

Perhaps the hardest part of motherhood (to me at least) is self-doubt, but know that God places in the arms of each mother (biologically or otherwise) the exact child He planned to be in her care. It is the most-high of callings, yet totally humbling at the same time.  

God gave certain character traits to mothers as a necessary part of completing His work. From the miracle serum of boo-boo kisses to the everlasting endurance of Walmart trips with a two year old. With the self-discipline to see through commandments like “thou shall not kill” even through the teenage years, and the glorious moment when an empty house becomes that golden place called grandma’s, mothers are equipped with something special that no other role can claim:

Faith that can move a mountain and a sense of humor to chase a kid up that mountain when he rips off his diaper and streaks up the side of it.  



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