Breaking News: Thirty Day Challenge a Bust


Failed thirty day

One woman’s challenge to the world (or her six blog subscribers) to follow her on a journey to becoming slightly less sloppy is an epic fail.

“The day I wrote that blog I was on an overachieving high,” said the author, Meg Duncan. “I guess it must have been that extra cup of coffee.”

Her blog post, “Thirty Day Challenge: From Slob to not as much of a Slob” committed to readers that she would continually post about a so-called journey to become a better steward of her time.

According to Duncan, she fully intended to keep up with this thirty day challenge, but backpedaled shortly after.

“I fell off of the wagon,” she said. “The very next day I woke up, shrugged my shoulders at an unmade bed and it all went downhill from there.”

She asks her readers for mercy, and she says that she is kind of back on track and is very optimistic.

“I just picked up the bedroom floor and discovered the carpet is this pretty off-white color,” she said. “I think it used to be actually white, but that’s okay. ”

She also says that she will continue to share her journey with her readers. Her triumphs and her failures is something she feels necessary to share.

“The fact that I am constantly struggling in this area is probably representative of someone else’s struggles,” she said. “Maybe not in the area of organization, but all of us fall short somewhere.”

Duncan said she hopes people learn through her housekeeping struggles to just keep getting up to fight whatever battle they are fighting no matter how big it is–she also confesses that she knows many are fighting battles much worse than her own.

“I am thankful that this is one of my biggest struggles at this time,” she said. “Tomorrow that might change, though, and if I just keep getting back up on this, then maybe I will be able to do the same when I am fighting an even bigger fight.”

Duncan also said that she never plans on having a perfect house, a perfect family or a perfect life.

“There is no such thing as perfect other than the glory of God,” she said. “Which is truly from where every good battle is won.”


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