The Joy of Raising a Son


Jennifer Wingerter shares her love of parenthood in a sweet ode to raising her son.

The Great Juggling Act

100_0193     As a parent, just a few short years from empty nesting, I can testify that parenting is hard work. It is also an incredibly joyful experience.

Ben is my first born, and only son. We have a special bond. In fact just 2 minutes ago he came knocking at my bedroom door just to hang out for a minute. He talked a little sports with his dad, teased us about our “old” music playing on the record player, and messed up my pillows because he knows I hate it and that he can get away with it.

He can get away with it because he leaves me notes like this on my computer.


Ben has many amazing qualities that have been wonderful to watch develop and grow. He loves his family. Ben is always coming up with ways for us to spend time together.  Recently, he started a Saturday tradition of eating breakfast and watching “The Blacklist”…

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