On-Air Brain Schedule: Overnight Programs Airing in my Brain


Please note that this schedule reflects one night only. Overnight programming is often very unpredictable and depends of the mental state of the brain airing it. This particular brain is generally considered unstable and programs can switch suddenly and without notice.

3am-330am: Stupid things I said: The Early Days and Beyond.

From ten years ago to yesterday, a recap of every stupid thing ever said to anyone.

4am-4:30am: Disease Watch

Headaches, toothaches and a strange pain on left side will be given a possible diagnosis.

4:30-5am: Extreme Death

A sequel to Disease Watch in which death is thoroughly explored and thoughts of who might come to the funeral. The show then takes a surprising twist and focuses on the jerks who didn’t come the funeral.

5am-530am: Wilma on Ice

A clown act featuring a cold nosed dog and an undercover chase. Guest appearance by snoring husband who unconsciously kicks everyone and grumbles.


530-6am: Finance Focus

Will the kids go to college? Should you have bought those new pants? Find out here (or obsess about it) on Finance Focus!

6am: Programming Ends for Sleep

615am: Good Morning Duncans

Upbeat and annoyingly happy children start your day by pouncing on top of you and almost making you pee the bed.


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