Feature: Megan Duncan on scrubbing toilets, eating burritos and being pro-life


A child hid under the table peering through chair legs like cell bars; he was instructed to stay quiet so that mommy can chat.

His mommy, 36-year old Megan Duncan, appeared as scattered as the toys littering the floor.

A plastic mechanical missile shot out from under the table and bounced off of her shin, but she seemed to barely notice as she flopped into the kitchen chair, shoved a pile of papers out of the way, and finally made eye contact.

“My life is messy and chaotic, but I have learned to talk above the noise,” she said. “It’s my soundtrack and I just have to dance to the music.”

Although, she says, music is not where her heart is.

This mother of two said she does not play an iPod while she cleans house, but instead her toilet echoes political banter with the radio as she furiously scrubs to the beat of news about rogue politicians and out of control spending.

When she takes off the bathroom gloves, she said she races to her laptop and does her research.

“I don’t like to play parties; I trust no one based upon their words or scandals reported about them,” she said. “Come on, I am a writer; I know how easy it is to make things up. Actions and unbiased facts are what shed light in dark places.”

Duncan said the fact that she is interested in politics often surprises people.

The persona she has created for herself, a very real one at that she said, is as a Family and Christian humorist.

“That part of me is very real,”  she said.  “I love picking up a mundane moment and polishing it up to make it sparkle.  Nothing gives me better material than kids, marriage and dogs.”

There is also her faith, which is not really an “also” to her. Duncan said that everything she does is centered on her faith in God, and she believes this is what ties these two very different sides of her together.

“As a Christian I have prayed for God to help me walk slowly to make sure that His will is under every step I take, and this is where I constantly find myself: at a crossroads between the silly and serious,” she said.

In her daily writing Duncan brings life to an average day; Captain America’s missing head becomes a breaking news report, or a child in the laundry pile becomes a runway model sporting a Christmas boxer short hat and a nylon belt.  Her rendition of household antics in The Adventures of Super Connor and Diaper Boy certainly prove that Duncan is not above showcasing the silly.

On the other side of the same coin, her faith in God is poured into her work.

“This element gives depth and meaning to the silly,” she said.  “My faith in God and love for the innocent go hand in hand.”

Duncan wants to spend her life protecting that innocence and she believes that each funny moment she extracts from her kids comes directly from there.

“True innocents rely on others to keep them both physically safe and morally safe,” she said. “That is something I take very seriously–whether they are born or unborn.”

This protective bone is what she believes has led her to politics; especially her strong opposition to abortion.

“I have always believed that life begins at conception, but then when I carried my own and witnessed my little ones move around on an ultra-sound at 8 weeks of pregnancy I suddenly grew fiercely protective over the sanctity of life,” Duncan said.

With late term abortions and the legalization of live-birth abortions, Duncan’s desire to speak out on this topic has ignited into a blazing passion to make a difference.  Having received her degree in journalism in December 2014, she plans to find a home for this passion, but she feels she could be challenged by her views as a conservative Christian.

“Honestly, my views don’t always make me friends,” she said.

She admits that as a self-proclaimed people-pleaser backlash of her convictions has not been easy, but it is one she can live with.

“My pro-life stance outweighs my need for approval.”

Her need for approval still exists but has grown into a more spiritual kind of desire.

“I believe that God has put this passion in me for a reason,” she said.  “I do not want to ignore what He is leading me to do. If I lose a few friends in return for these dying babies to gain some justice, so be it.”

She admits that she is unsure where she will find her seat in the arena she hopes to enter.  She knows that in the media her faith cannot tip her pen.

“I realize that I will have an obligation to report without bias in many cases,” she said.  “My faith is what will keep me honest, though, and I want to fish for those truths that are right under the surface of all the lies.”

She will also keep fishing for funny, but that’s an easy catch she said as she pulled a smiling child from under the table and set him on her lap.

“My life has years of material to come.  The kids are young, the dogs are healthy, and my husband will never stop eating burritos,” she said.  “Believe me, the Duncan house is always a gas.”


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