A Year In Review



The Duncan’s said they did a lot of fun stuff in 2014.

“We played family games like musical lightbulbs,” said the littlest Duncan.

He said the game begins when the house gets dark.

“That’s when we realize mommy forgot to buy lightbulbs again,” he said. “We search the house for a light and then move the one bulb around when we do stuff like eat dinner and go to the bathroom.”

Duncan said that the person who wanders off and gets lost is out.

“We also played a game to find the all the stuff that I put up somewhere,” said Mommy.

She said the game became popular in 2014 because she got old and lost her memory.

“I must have put that up somewhere too,” she said.

The family said it was also a year of waiting.

“We waited for the fire trucks after Logan pulled a fun lever at the Becky Thatcher home,” said the oldest Duncan boy.

“We waited for Daddy to get out of the bathroom,” said the littlest one.

It was a year of laughs they said too.

“We laughed at Mommy when she mixed up the name tags she made for everyone in the house,” said one boy. “She kept kissing the dog and asking her for the checkbook.”

“Most of all we laughed at ourselves,” mommy said.

With their moves rooted in grace and guided by God, 2014 was a year of prayer.  The Duncan’s got up everyday and just kept on playing this game of life, and they all agree that it was a year of great blessings.

“May 2015 be another one just like it!”  they said.


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