Breaking News: A Savior Has Been Born


Silhouette Of Shepherd And Sheep With A Bright Star In The Sky

Bethlehem, Israel—Shepherds found a baby boy tonight lying in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes who they said is to be called Christ the Lord.

One Shepherd said that they discovered the child after a special visitor led them on the search.

“We were watching our flock when a light came from above us and lit up the field,” one shepherd said. “We were all terrified, but a voice told us that we should not to be afraid.”

The Shepherd said that it was the voice of an angel who told them that the Savior had been born in the city of David and that they would find Him in a manger.

“The angel said there was good news of great joy, and that this baby is the Christ the Lord,” he said. “We were already in awe of what we were seeing but had no idea the glory to come.”

After making the short journey to Bethlehem and finding the exact scene the angel described, the Shepherd said an entire host of angels filled sky. They quickly spread the news of the Messiah’s birth, telling others what they saw.  Then they returned to the stable to the worship the child.

Local innkeeper said the parents are Mary and Joseph of Nazareth. Joseph, a member of the House of David, was making the trip to Bethlehem to register in compliance with the recent order of Caesar Augustus when the innkeeper said Mary went into labor. Unable to provide the couple with a place to stay, he offered them room in the stable.

“It was a busy night,” he said. “All I had to give was room in the stable and they graciously accepted the accommodations.”

The Shepherd said that Mary and Joseph seemed as awestruck as they were.  As heavenly hosts surrounded the dusty stable, he said that the glory of the tiny king was overwhelming.

“I could not help to wonder who I, a lowly shepherd, was to stand beside the Savior,” he said. “So all I could do was drop to my knees before Him.”


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